Activia Summer Club – The Mission to Feel Good Inside and Out

Imagine a virtual club, where there are a lot of things happening, and you got to pick and choose what you’d like to get “a ticket” to. This is Activia Summer Club – one of the major campaigns that M3 Communications Group, Inc. developed for Danone in 2020 with a focus on the end-consumer of their popular brand Activia.

Activia Summer Club represents a unique community of ladies, who love Activia, who are interested in leading a balanced life and making healthier choices every day. To bring them together, we created a special closed Facebook group, where we announced different activities every week. The people in it got access to special content and were the first to learn all that’s new from Activia’s world. By doing so, we created a loyal Activia community, but also had the chance to communicate with the brand’s consumers directly.

Yet, Activia Summer Club was so much more than just a group of people with common interests. The campaign was realized throughout the whole summer and included several signature activities, such as collaborations with top influencers, live sport events, informative sessions about health and nutrition, tips and recipe ideas, and more. All of these engaged Activia’s consumers with the theme of balanced and healthy living and made the campaign a total hit among them.