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Cohones Black to the Bones Imperial Stout (Pre-)Sale Campaign

Being one of the youngest craft breweries in Bulgaria Cohones primary goal is to impose its brand and to prove to the craft beer know-it-all’s that it is not just a gimmick brewery (as one long-beard craft beer ace mentioned with a surprise).

We decided to create and to promote the most pretentious beer at the market that will catch the hardcore craft beer nano influencers and to convert them into advocates of the Cohones’ beer portfolio. We launched the campaign in mid-Sep to promote that the beer will be available for Christmas.

We launched a Facebook campaign that build on 4 features. First, we just named the beer BLACK TO THE BONES BOURBON OAK AGED IMPERIAL MILK STOUT stating that this is the most pretentious beer at the market. Second, we proved that this is the strongest (13%) imperial stout ever brewed in Bulgaria. And yes, it was the most expensive Bulgarian beer – EUR 4.80. And, fourth, it was the most inaccessible beer ever offered in Bulgaria – we produced only 880 pieces.

We provoked so huge expectations that the beer was pre-sold in only 1 week after the call for action FB post. We kept 216 bottles for Christmas to re-boost the conversation and the demand.

As a result we had amazing engagement rate, conversion rate and fantastic ROI – 7 876%. Last but not least, we proved that Cohones is one of the top Micro-breweries in Bulgaria.