#OfficeNostalgia: keeping high spirits for employees in a period of lockdown

During the unprecedented 2020 impacted by Covid-19, real estate – business property & rentals, was а sector heavily affected by the pandemic. Workspaces and business buildings virtually emptied, with no predictability about possible return of tenants and under constant pressure of plummeting rents or tenants leaving.

In this context, an association of the owners of key business buildings in Bulgaria, АCBO (, appointed Interimage to craft a communications campaign for the organization. Based on analysis & research of key perceptions among businesses (decision-makers & employees), we defined the main goal as NEITHER urging tenants back (impossible and irrelevant, most of those have imposed restrictions from headquarters valid till Sept 2021), NOR “selling”.

The main goal was to create a sentiment and build a supportive community with the message “We all miss the office”: a multifaceted place with positive functions, larger than simply wоrking space, a place for networking; sharing; flirting; escaping from home duties; having fun afterhours or doing sports in the lunch break.

The second goal was to show concern and provide added value to support people’s mental health during remote work.

All that positioned commercial building management and the “spirit” of offices in a supportive role, standing by tenants and heading for the (near) Future, where we will return to normality and offices will still play an important role in business life & productivity.