A1 Bulgaria

The most important calls should be for free

A1 Bulgaria is a telecom carrier and an ICT solutions provider, which offers services to about 4.8 million clients in the financial 2021. In short, we are connecting people to each other and the world – countless times – everyday.

Being connected is very important especially in times of crisis and war. Although A1 does not have many mobile services clients in Ukraine when the war started, Bulgarians were the fifth largest minority group in Ukraine and a lot of our clients have relatives or friends living there.

The war broke on 24.02.22 and people needed to communicate, but the roaming and international calls tariffs made it difficult and expensive to keep a constant connection either via voice or via mobile internet.

On 25.02.22, A1 made its roaming services for its clients in Ukraine and the international calls to Ukraine free of charge for its mobile subscribers. That way the company wanted to help the people affected by the war to go through this ordeal. The measures are active to this day.

The campaign was communicated to internal and external target groups via two press releases, social media posts on the company owned channels, SMS messages to clients and on the corporate website.

In terms of media metrics were generated a total of 90 articles, over 730 000 impressions on social media and more than 52 000 engagements. From a purely human prospective, we need to just imagine what it means for a family to be able to freely communicate with a relative in war zone.