IKEA Art Event – Drones in National Natural History Museum

IKEA knows how to inspire many people around the world with affordable solutions for more than 70 years. But the company has another important role, as well – that of a visionary. IKEA has been collaborating with artists to create inspiring pieces which double-up as useful household objects and bring a new perspective into life and society.

Such a collection was the IKEA Art Event 2021, created in partnership with the world-famous duo Humans since 1982. The result of this collaboration was the white framed box featuring multiple drones that ingeniously showed the uncertainty of our future by reminding of butterflies and their grace. And our task was to tell their story to the people. To motivate them to think about the importance of technology, which does not destroy nature, but helps people to know it better.

So, we in Paragraph 42, a preferred partner of Ketchum in Bulgaria, launched a campaign to promote a collection, that will remain as one of the most memorable collaborations between an international company and a museum in Bulgaria. We contacted the Natural History Museum and positioned boxed drones as one of the exhibits in the “Butterfly Rooms”. We told the unexpected story of how drones actually help disaster management and wildlife monitoring.

We communicated the collaboration with the Museum via social and traditional media, but relied on the viral effect. With this activation we inspired people to look beyond the ordinary. Just like IKEA always does.