We Are Lidl

Is it possible that words like responsibility and honesty do not sound abstract, but come to life in an interesting and engaging way?
We asked ourselves this question when Lidl Bulgaria challenged us to think of an internal campaign dedicated to the company’s values. Our answer came to life in a large-scale 10-month internal campaign entitled “We are Lidl”.
It was conceived as a continuation of Lidl’s previous internal campaign which was dedicated on the 10th anniversary of Lidl Bulgaria and on thanking all employees for their contribution to the success. “We are Lidl” continued the conversation, focusing on the values that unite people at Lidl and that are an irretrievable part of Lidl’s success.
Our challenge was to remind of those values, to engage employees with them and to turn them from abstract words into vivid stories.
The campaign took place from February to October 2021. It was divided into three key stages and included various activities – from branding and printed materials, through games and celebrities starring to a 30-minute corporate film “We are Lidl: the story of success”.
How did it all start…