bTV Media Group

Holler – Introducing a system for viewer interactivity with TV content.

In a world where commenting, showing attitude and participating in conversations is the norm for consumers, broadcasters must find ways to break the traditional model and enable the viewer to communicate and interact with them.

Our understanding of the evolution of the media-viewer relationship led us to integrate the Holler system into bTV’s on-air experience, which not only opened up a quick channel of communication with TV content, but created a platform that changed the way public conversation is conducted. Without undue effort, any viewer can direct the conversation with guests in bTV’s public affairs programs by scanning a QR code displayed on the screen and give their opinion on the question asked, the results of which are commented with the guests.

The integration of Holler needed to go through all levels – from technical support (development of the API, which would automate the retrieval of the data and creation of an automated process in which the results from the server would be produced in graphical form) to special team training. Now the media has the flexibility and control to create a large number of interactions (nearly 400 000 since the implementation of the system) within a single broadcast. In addition to planning in advance which guest and what topic will enable the viewer to participate, the media can change and ask new questions in real time, literally within minutes of a new interesting and important topic arising, based on the guests’ comments.