Kamenitza – Fan Cup

Kamenitza Fan Cup is the first and biggest national football championship for non-professionals in Bulgaria. It started in 2003 with the goal to have synergies with Kamenitza sponsorship of the national football team. The tournament attracts friends with a common passion for football and beer. It invites all fans to get together in teams and compete, to participate in games, have fun and enjoy the quality time spent with friends. Kamenitza Fan Cup for the first time in Bulgaria offers professional football playgrounds, professional referees, semi-professional equipment for the teams to play with. The tournament offers games and prizes for all football fans that come to watch their friends play and have fun. In 2003 Kamenitza Fan Cup sets the beginning of mini football in the country.

Kamenitza Fan Cup continued even after Kamenitza stopped partnering with the national football team. During the 10th anniversary, the tournament attracts a record number of teams – 2000 (20 000 players only). In 2012 the tournament receives two certificates for being the biggest amateur football tournament by Bulgarian Olympic Committee and Bulgarian Football Union. Many of the Bulgarian football legends become friends and ambassadors of Fan Cup – Hristo Stoichkov, Bojidar Iskrenov, the late Trifon Ivanov, Dimitar Penev, Stefka Kostadinova and many more. The tournament took place every year until 2019 when it was put on hold for 3 years. In 2022 Fan Cup was revived.