Past Inspires the Future: InterImage & Schwarz IT Bulgaria

Leadership as corporate culture: As a young company that aims to be among the leaders in the industry and society Schwarz embarks on this path from the inside out. It aims to develop a culture of leadership among its employees, which, in addition to knowledge and skills, also includes responsibility, empathy, mutual assistance and ethics. This culture is aimed at driving the company to a leadership position in the IT industry and to earning the esteem of the public – and consequently make sure its employer brand ends up stronger and able to attract talent on a very competitive labour scene.

The past is alive today: In May 2022, Schwarz IT Bulgaria launched the initiative The Past Inspires the Future that spanned a bridge between greatness and heroism of the past and modern-day outstanding achievement by referring to some lessons from Bulgarian history.

Learning from the Apostle: The initiative focused on national pride by placing in the spotlight Bulgaria’s greatest hero ever – revolutionary Vasil Levski (1837-1873), a.k.a. the Apostle of Freedom, who is the most powerful example of dedication to the motherland. In the corporate culture of Schwarz IT Bulgaria pride is key to dedication and results – this resonates well with the mission of hiring the best talent to create top-notch products on native soil, and contribute to the prosperity of Bulgarian society.