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Philips One Blade Movember

Studies show that in the Balkan men tend to neglect their health in order to be as productive as possible workwise. Post-COVID 19 people in general became more aware of different dangers regarding their health. Being a leader in male grooming, Philips with One Blade, alongside All Channels decided it was high time to call out men for being overly focused on everything else but their health. Thus, during November, for the first time in Bulgarian Philips history, a campaign regarding strictly male health problems commenced. 4 influencers from different backgrounds took the initiative to heart and depicted their reasoning, process & overall importance of taking care of oneself. In every way possible – inside and out.

To urge males around Bulgaria to take action to prevent unwanted illnesses, the campaign focused on a multifaceted approach. The all-digital based campaign had one goal, to join Movember and talk about a neglected by Bulgarians topic – men’s health both physical and mental. The challenge was simple – not to shave one’s beard for an entire month or until one decides to act and go to the doctor for an annual examination.