The Digital face of Postbank

Кратко представяне на проекта

TOGETHER WE ARE THE FACE OF POSTBANK Postbank is committed to being the fastest-growing, most preferred, and secure financial institution. With nearly 3,000 employees, we have a strong sense of teamwork and a desire to make traditional banking modern and fully accessible. To reinforce the core corporate values of the bank, Postbank embarked on an innovative and unique project – to create a digital face that truly reflected the traits of its employees. The project was a result of collaborative effort and an approach that was both creative and strategic.

The campaign aimed to build a collective image of teamwork, where the employees would be the literal and figurative face of the bank. By combining technology with the individual strengths of the employees, the project sought to create something truly innovative and different. The uniqueness of this idea, on the one hand, is due to the possibility to engage all employees, turning them into brand ambassadors, and on the other hand, to turn the metaphor into reality by literally creating the face of the company.

Together, the team worked towards reactivating the core corporate values of the bank in a highly impactful way. The project not only highlighted the unique and diverse nature of the employees but also demonstrated the bank’s organic connection to innovation and creativity. The project’s success was a testament to the bank’s commitment to teamwork and its ability to think outside the box, resulting in an impressive and efficient outcome.