This year the contest motto is "In the light of truth" and shows the pride of our profession in defending responsible and honest communication

The Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies (BAPRA) launched today the thirteenth consecutive edition of the influential BAPRA Bright Awards competition for achievements in communications. Applications will be accepted until April 2, 2023, and the award ceremony will take place on May 11 at the Hyatt Regency Sofia.

This year new competition categories have been added, reflecting modern trends in communications. These are 'ESG Communication Campaign or Project', 'Communication campaign for education and professional development ', and 'Initiative to create engagement for internal or external audiences ' and both agencies and companies will be able to apply. The big awards for "Campaign of the Year" and "Agency of the Year" also include the "Rising Star" category - for young talents in agencies.

"We are dedicating the competition this year to the truth, which we need so much right now in this confused disinformation world. With the motto "In the light of truth" we are sending a message to our entire community, to the entire communication business, that we will continue to elevate honest and responsible communication to a pedestal." - said the Chairman of BAPRA, Alexander Hristov. PhD

The authority of the BAPRA Bright Awards is based on both the valuable entries and the fully international jury of proven professionals. BAPRA Bright Awards 2023 will be no exception.

Campaigns and projects implemented in the period March 2022 - February 2023 will compete in the competition. Applications for participation will be accepted through the online platform of the competition, applications are prepared in English and there are no restrictions on the number of projects that can be submitted by an agency or company. Detailed information about the competition, deadlines, fees and how to apply can be found on the BAPRA Bright Awards 2023 platform -

The contest takes place in partnership with the Hyatt Regency Sofia, where the ceremony will be held, and the online platform Evalato. Traditionally, media partners are "Manager" magazine, B2B media, "Your Business" magazine, Business Global and Redlink. Institutional partnerships include those with the Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies, Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum and IAB Bulgaria.


Main categories in BAPRA Bright Awards 2023

  1. Consumer communications – campaigns for promotion of products or services to consumers, education, and/ or engagement of consumers.
  2. Corporate communications (Reputation and brand management) – campaigns that enhance company’s reputation through communications among businesses and society.
  3. Event or launch – any event, product launch, or other that engaged company with the target audience in a creative, thoughtful, and demonstrably impactful way.
  4. CSR – programs and initiatives that are related to social responsibility in various fields, implemented by a company or organization.
  5. 5. Not-For-Profit communications – communication campaign or a program by or on behalf of charities and not-for-profit organizations to increase public awareness for a topic of interest to a whole society
  6. Influencer marketing – a communication campaign that used one or more influencers in the most appropriate, and impactful way to reach their core audience and achieve outstanding results.
  7. Employer Branding – communication campaign positioning a company or organization to attract new employees and/or to promote it as a perspective employer
  8. 8. Employee Communications (Internal Communication) – a campaign directed at a company's existing employees and/or increasing motivation of the team
  9. Crisis and Issues Management – managing crisis situations or difficult issues – by promoting an alternative perspective, or indeed by keeping an issue out of the media altogether.
  10. Digital PR – a communication campaign implemented completely or almost completely in a digital environment, using the external possibilities of technologies, spaces and social networks.
  11. Innovation PR Award – campaigns that can’t be categorized or limited in one category only; campaigns with brave and strong creative ideas or such using various channels in a non-standard manner and in an innovative way.

Special categories in which companies can also participate:3

  1. ESG communication campaign or project - communications of a company or agency to achieve sustainable development
  2. Communication campaign for education and professional development - a project contributing to the professional and personal development of internal or external audiences.
  3. Initiative to create engagement for internal or external audiences - communication activities that create engagement or engage people online or offline.

Big BAPRA Awards 2023

  1. Campaign of the Year Award
  2. PR Agency of the Year Award
  3. "Rising Star" Award - the category aims to recognize young talents with up to three years of professional experience in PR agencies through the presentation of a project/campaign in which they had an active and key participation from the conception to the realization of the idea.

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