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A window to childhood

A window to childhood is a long-term project of APRA PN and River Park – next generation residential complex that aims to offer its residents a quality and harmonious way of life close to nature. The complex is focused on open areas, green spaces and places for recreation and entertainment, where children will have a carefree and unforgettable childhood in nature.

Unfortunately, an increasing percentage of children choose to spend their time on the virtual playground rather than in nature. That is why we aimed to promote the idea of children spending time outside instead of staring at a screen. We invited the most popular graffiti artists to paint their childhood memories. Stanislav Trifonov – Nasimo, Esteo, Sve, Erase and Arsek recreated their unforgettable childhood memories, which we combined in the “Window to Childhood” exhibition.

The paintings became part of the exhibition calendar of the National Art Gallery as the first graffiti exhibition ever held there. Due to the increased interest, the exhibition lasted for over three months.

The idea was to raise awareness and emphasize on the main concept of River Park’s project – the carefree childhood, full of outdoor games and entertainment.

At the end, the artworks from the exhibition “Window to Childhood” were donated by River Park to several schools and kindergartens in Sofia. The aim was to contribute to bringing positive emotions to children and teachers during the challenging school year ahead.