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During COVID-19 lockdown, social distancing & staying at home brought along many unspoken challenges for girls, such as loneliness, anxiety or a decrease in self-confidence. The main goals of the campaign were centered around brand‘s  mission to strengthen the confidence of girls, especially during the COVID-19 quarantine. This was achieved by giving them useful, fun and engaging tips and ideas from trusted and loved Influencers, who inspire girls to use this time at home to better themselves, to try new things and improve their talents. The campaign serves as a continuation of the brand’s mission to ensure girls’ healthy and confident development. At the time of its implementation, the communication was fully consistent with the current situation and we created a YouTube video series on the Always Bulgaria YouTube channel. Other goals were to establish further the emotional connection between the brand and the audience. Overall, the #AlwaysAtHome was a fully integrated digital campaign with a dedicated mission.