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Chain of Favorite Products

The “Chain of Favorite Products” campaign was realized during the period March – November 2019. It is a part of an integrated marketing and PR campaign by Lidl Bulgaria, aimed at promoting the quality of Lidl’s own-brand products. The overall strategy is built on the results of Lidl’s largest taste test of own-brand products implemented by IPSOS Bulgaria. The external communication focuses on the quality of its own brands, which underpin Lidl’s business model and key competitive advantage. The project has three main communication focuses: to expand the awareness of Lidl’s own brands by informing customers about the advantages of these products, while focusing on quality and responsibility; to engage customers by including them in an on-site taste test and acquire their feedback; to communicate the advantages of Lidl’s business model. The target groups are men and women between the ages of 20-65 years old, big and medium-sized cities, with focus on families with children, media, leaders in public opinion. The taste test covered 63 stores across the country, where 57,000 people directly participated by taking part in the tasting and evaluating the products tested.