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EVA Postbank mobile app

EVA is a “living” solution that evolves and transforms to fit the changing needs of customers, the brand and the market situation.

The beginning. In 2018 Postbank became the first bank in Bulgaria to create a credit chatbot. EVA chatbot has become the best employee of Postbank – smiling, always online in the most used social network, with impeccable attitude. In just 7 months EVA has handled over 5,300 calls and accepted over 600 loan applications.

Phase 1 of the campaign. Building on the success, in 2019 Postbank upgraded EVA by creating the first mobile banking application EVA Postbank with a “live chat” option. EVA Postbank application was specifically created to facilitate customers in the process of merging with Piraeus Bank Bulgaria. It became the first banking application linked to acquisition communication and remains unparalleled. The acquisition of Piraeus was expected to raise many questions among customers and EVA Postbank has provided the shortest and direct way to answer the most frequently asked questions related to the merger of the two banks.

Phase 2 of the campaign. Since June 2020, EVA Postbank has provided a unique service for the market – free online housing consultations for the purchase and financing of a new home. In the context of a global pandemic, the new service has greatly facilitated access to housing loan information as well as the application process.