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Jameson St. Patrick’s Day

March is one of the most important months of the year for Jameson. Not only because of St. Patrick Day, the holiday of all of Ireland, but also because then the company has a target to realize 25% of its whiskey sales in Bulgaria for the whole year. As lovers of good Irish whiskey, Bulgaria ranks in the top 10 sales countries of Jameson in the world and is one of the most strategic markets for Pernod Ricard.

Jameson’s campaign for St. Patrick aims to celebrate and honor the Irishness in all its forms.

That’s why we decided to own the whole month, not only the St. Patrick’s Day, leading by example the target into what St. Paddy stays for, what the rituals are, what an Irish party is.

Let’s Get Irish! Let’s celebrate like Irish and let’s celebrate Irishtude in Bulgaria! Irish people are famous for being a very merry nation. The same is valid for St. Patrick’s Day. A merry holiday indeed. So… if we our mission is to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day appropriately and turn it into the merriest holiday this March, we have nothing else to do but celebrate it like Irish people do.

Starting the campaign on Bulgarian National holiday, 3rd March – with a special recorded greeting from Ireland. Continue with warm-up communication via media partners, social media and influencers. And finish the campaign with the most entertaining event of the season in Bulgaria – Jameson St. Patrick’s Day Party @ Yalta Club.