Spirit Transformations – COOL libraries

Spirit Fine Paints is a young premium brand interior paints inspiring interior transformation beyond the expectations.

Still not well established, SPIRIT is challenged to build a distinctive image and awareness in a conservative high-class segment and change affinity from foreign and recognizable brands. But changing perceptions is not easy.

That’s why we invest in TRANSFORMATIONAL IDEAS & build on them the brand image and communication – all this under a project called “Spirit Transformations”. Through interior transformations, we aim to show the emotional impact and the inspiration, which the transformation further has for the people.

In 2019 we turned it into a socially significant cause and created transformation of next level engaging in total renovation of OLD SCHOOL LIBRARIES. We built the campaign with these transformations in the heart of the story.

And why school libraries? – In 21 century those libraries in Bulgaria are forgotten thing from the past. Old-school libraries are not a COOL place where kids want to be! So, we decided to initiate a social change in this segment and transform the important libraries for a well-deserved reunion of books and children.

3 OLD SCHOOL LIBRARIES became COOL MODERN SPACES after 3 months of Transformation. Further inspirational hours were held. For the realization and the campaign we were supported by interior designer studios, graffiti artists, book publishing house, and the schools.