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“We are all connected”

“We are all connected” went live in May 2020, immediately after the end of the first lockdown. The campaign supports the innovative Consumer Loan with Overdraft, and the goal is to stop the decline in the volume of newly granted loans.

“We are all connected” had to achieve an ambitious business goal in an extremely difficult market context. The pandemic destroyed people’s faith in their future incomes, demand for consumer credit disappeared, and banks tightened credit standards.

Based on a broad social insight, the campaign is an intelligent lesson in economics. The hero is the real life, the topic is explanation why it is important for most of us to continue to participate and add value to the country’s economy.

In a market that is declining, we managed to increase the value of newly granted loans by 123%, and Postbank for the first time in its history became number 2 as a market share in the Consumer Loan category.