Dr. Zehra Güngör


Dr. Zehra Güngör (Turkey) is the 2014 President of IPRA. Her MA in PR finalized with the thesis called “Total Quality Management in PR”. Afterwards, she was accepted for doctorate education to International Relations, Diplomacy and Communications Institute. She completed her thesis “Communications Management in Diplomacy” in this department. She lectures in several universities in İstanbul for more than10 years.

Dr. Güngör had worked as an economy journalist for 20 years before founding her PR consultanting company, called STAGE Communications. During her journalism career, she was awarded as “the best journalist of the year” for three times by Turkish Journalist Association. During her PR career, she was rewarded by many institutions as well. She worked as a journalist in McGrawHill Publications-New York..

Today, she has been running STAGE Communication Consultancy successfully for 21 years. Dr. Güngör served in Golden World Awards Jury and BAPRA Bright Awards almost 10 years.