Ksenija Renko

Ksenija Renko

Director at JUPITER Strategic Consulting Ltd.

Senior Communication Expert

Ksenija Renko has more than 20 years of professional experience in media, communication, marketing and advertising industry; in leading regional agencies specialized in strategic communication, communication management and public relations; in strategic consultancies, developing and implementing numerous global and national media PR and marketing campaigns, as well as public campaigns for raising awareness in the South East Europe Region (SEE).

She is Founder and Director of Jupiter Strategic Consulting Ltd. from Zagreb, Croatia which specialises in strategic communication, communication management and public relations (www.jupiter.hr). In 2008 Ksenija Renko founded Publicis Consultants|Zagreb, Adriatic Hub, affiliate of respectable international Publicis Group which she successfully managed for four years.

Since 1999, together with her colleagues, she has been working on setting up infrastructure and social and business promotion of PR profession which was in its infancy in that time in Croatia and the South East Europe Region. She was program director of the first Croatian (Zagreb 2000) and the first regional (Banja Luka, 2005) conference for public relations, and the editor of the first Croatian PR manual PRO-PR (2001/2002). She was the President, Vice President and member of the board of the Croatian Public Relations Association (SUOJ/HUOJ). For her pioneering work and contribution to the profession she was awarded prestigious recognitions.

She was lecturer at the University of Dubrovnik, teaching PR Campaigns Management and Integrated Marketing Communications (2007-2011). She was member of the working group of the Central and Eastern European Judicial Exchange Network who conceived and drafted first Practical Guidelines on use of Social Media by Judges: Central and Eastern European Context, published by CEELI Institute in Prague in 2019.

Ksenija Renko began her career as a journalist, editor, director of marketing and promotion working on some of the most significant media projects in Croatia. Among other, together with Denis Kuljiš she founded and worked as an editor in the most popular Croatian life-style magazine “Gloria” (1994). Since 2019 she serves as the Vice President at the Institute for Development of Democracy and Media “Denis Kuljiš”. She has a master’s degree from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb and also studied Business Marketing at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb.