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Cohones – #DontHitTheCorner:

Cohones Brewery, the home of bold and daring craft beers, wasn’t afraid to take on one of Bulgaria’s biggest problems: drinking and driving. One night a Tesla crashed into the cherished garden entrancе of the Cohones Bar. And just like that, the corner of the bar crumbled down, shattering the illusion of invincibility that comes with reckless drinking.

Cohones Brewery sprang into action and launched the #DontHitTheCorner campaign in collaboration with All Channels Communication. The campaign was more than just a call for responsible drinking – it was a bold and creative initiative that captured the hearts of their consumers. By taking a stand against drinking and driving, the brewery demonstrated its unwavering commitment to the community and its values.

The campaign was not limited to online awareness-raising, but also included an exclusive “Corner Party” whose aim was to shed light on the issue of drunk driving. Moreover, the brewery designed special T-shirts with the hashtag #DontHitTheCorner, donating profits to provide safe transportation for intoxicated patrons of the Cohones Bar.

Through this powerful initiative, Cohones effectively engaged its audience and made a meaningful impact in the community – both online and offline. Cohones Brewery’s #DontHitTheCorner campaign is a testament to how a small business with a big heart can make a difference, one sip at a time.