“Invisible Animals”: The witness

Category 14. Initative to create engagement – Internal/ External publicity

Being inherently cruel and ethically unacceptable, fur farming is widely rejected by EU citizens. And yet keeping and killing of animals solely for the purpose of fur production still goes on in 1 578 fur farms across Europe. 1 of them is in Bulgaria.

Echoing the calls from Member States, the European Citizens’ Initiative “Fur Free Europe” started. It became an opportunity to strongly insist on permanent prohibition of fur farming in the EU by signing the petition. And to present a legislative proposal to achieve this goal, while putting the case on European Commission’s agenda.

To contribute to solving the problem, together with the NGO “Nevidimi Zhivotni” (“Invisible animals”), we in proof., part of by The Network, and Paragraph 42, a preferred partner of Ketchum in Bulgaria, initiated an investigative campaign to raise awareness about this abject cruelty.

It began by telling the video story of an anonymous witness – an ex worker in the Bulgarian fur farm. Our main message was “This (working in a fur farm) is a brutal job”. Without spending any budget, we attracted a large number of media and established opinion leaders as partners. The campaign was all over key OOH positions at the streets, the metro, the TV screens at malls, media banners, Facebook and Instagram.

The results: high reach and engagement, collecting 22 853 signatures in just 28 days, putting Bulgaria on 7th place in the EU with 77 506 signatures, exceeding the threshold for national support by 6+ times.