Kamenitza – Beyond Beer


  • Initiative to create engagement internal/external publics

Кратко представяне (EN) / Short description

#BeyondBeer is a local initiative, led by the Communications team at “Kamenitza” AD. At the heart of it are our people and culture. The initiative is tied to Molson Coors’ global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program and aims to highlight the rich palette of individuals within our company in Bulgaria. Each of us is unique in our own way. It is the differences that make us stronger as an organization and contribute to “Kamenitza” AD being a colorful and inclusive workplace where everyone can feel comfortable and be themselves.

The initiative represents on a monthly basis each member of our country leadership team – what kind of people they are outside work, what kind of interests and hobbies they have, what their personal goals are, what ways they use to relax and recharge, etc. Each month we record a video with one member of our leadership team and shared the video internally with all employees. In parallel, we prepare an interview with the same person that we publish in our corporate social media channels.

We use creative ways in the storyline to promote our brands and causes as well as talk about global and local trends that define the way we work and live. We rolled out the initiative externally on our corporate social networks, Facebook and LinkedIn, and website (https://kamenitzacompany.bg/) as written interviews and through our internal communication channels as a video series.