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Pay Digitally in Mass Transit

Parking and traffic in Sofia capital have made it difficult to get around with a car for years, and therefore the role of public transport is becoming more and more important for the citizens and guests of Sofia. Pandemic led to health-oriented solutions, and increased life dynamic demands new, fast and safe opportunities to use public transport.

Visa – one of the global leaders in digital payments, in partnership with DSK Bank, Sofia Municipality and Urban Mobility Center introduced contactless payments in city transport of Sofia – both over ground and underground. The innovation provides the residents of the capital Sofia and the numerous visitors from the country and abroad with the comfort enjoyed by the largest cities in the world. Almost 2 mln citizens and guests of Sofia can pay tickets daily by validating their contactless Visa card or connected device.

Among benefits of contactless payments in mass transit is that people can worry less about carrying cash or queuing for ticket and this saves also their time. Moving people in and around cities with digital payments also helps local businesses to be reached easily by consumers.

For Visa it is important the benefits of contactless payments to reach people and the service to be developed in other big cities. Visa partners also with companies launching contactless payments solutions for electric vehicles charging (HOBO and Spark), and continues to develop new solutions for tolls and shared mobility services.