8. Вътрешни комуникации / Employee Communications (Internal Communication)

  • AMI Communications
    Aurubis Bulgaria Internal Communications campaign Aurubis is world copper producer. In Bulgaria one of the biggest industrial companies in Bulgarian […]
  • Interimage
    CONNECTIVITY THAT MATTERS: R&M Bulgaria Production internal communications CONNECTIVITY THAT MATTERS: Company values with a human face “Connectivity that matters” […]
    Gilat – Start Up Space Bright ideas are the best investment ever. Led by this belief, at the end of […]
  • OT DO Consult
    10 -year Vivacom In 2019, the VIVACOM brand marked its 10-year anniversary on the Bulgarian market. The anniversary was not […]
  • OT DO Consult
    10 years of Lidl Bulgaria On the occasion of Lidl Bulgaria’s 10th anniversary, which was celebrated in 2020, we launched […]
  • OT DO Consult
    COVID Communication The COVID pandemic radically changed the implementation and content of Vivacom’s internal communication. At the forefront came the […]