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L’Oreal – Let’s Celebrate Women in Science Ceremony

When a Bulgarian athlete ranks in the top 10 in the world, not to mention the semifinals or finals, all media in the country are covering the story and people are rejoicing. Have you seen the same excitement when a Bulgarian scientist is awarded? And how many names of leading Bulgarian scientists can you think of without hesitation? The name John Atanasov probably pops up and that’s it.

But here comes Google to the rescue. If you make a simple search with the words ‘Bulgarian female scientists’ (българки учени), you will get hundreds of results. And surprise – these are no random names, but the winners in the For Women in Science (FWIS) program in Bulgaria. From the 1st page in this Google search you will be flooded with articles about the official FWIS award ceremony, organized by M3 Communications for its long-term client L’Oreal.

The 2021 For Women in Science ceremony was one of the most complex and important events organized by the M3 team. It gathered at one place scientists, media and government, and besides professional event management skills, required high-level media and institutional relations. Furthermore, the 2021 ceremony was challenging to organize due to the unusual pandemic situation. Despite all, the event was glamorous and attracted high-class guests, among whom the Vice President of Bulgaria, and received huge media praise, including prime-time coverage from national TV channels bTV and Nova TV without a single penny invested in media buying.