6. Инфлуенсър маркетинг кампания / Influencer marketing

  • Distinkt Group AD
    Digital Scouts – Know Before You Scroll For this edition of Digital scouts we divided it into two parts – […]
  • Interimage
    Dеxcom Warriors Bulgaria Campaign for diabetes control Dexcom Warrior Program is an influence marketing campaign that strives to promote advantages […]
  • M3 Communications Group, Inc.
    Activia – Breakfast Series A common local saying goes like this: You can tell what the day will be, good […]
  • M3 Communications Group, Inc.
    Mars, Inc. – #ShareTheLoveThisHolidaySeason Christmas means family time and that includes pets: 3 in 4 pet owners explicitly say they […]
  • Paragraph42
    Our pizza secrets on TikTok The dynamics of life often lead us to choose quick eating solutions without compromising on […]
  • proof.
    be yourself TELUS International Bulgaria is one of biggest employers in the country. both inclusion and diversity are values of […]
  • proof.
    cocktails with a story Somersby is a cider brand known for its carefree attitude and love for all things the […]