7. Кампания за работодателска марка / Employer Branding

  • M3 Communications Group, Inc.
    Bulgarian Academy of Science – The Inspiring Side of Science Science makes the world go round they say. Well, the […]
  • Paragraph42
    Accenture Operations: Do you speak our language? Following the crisis in 2020, many people lost their jobs and they have […]
  • proof.
    be yourself TELUS International Bulgaria is one of biggest employers in the country. both inclusion and diversity are values of […]
  • United Partners
    Do you speak Paysafe? – lead generation recruitment campaign for CS Client: Paysafe Campaign: “Do you speak Paysafe” Agency: United […]
  • United Partners
    Melexis Employer Branding Strategy Client: Melexis Campaign: “Melexis Employer Branding Strategy” Agency: United Partners Short Description Melexis is a global […]
  • United Partners
    Paysafe: Code me this, Code me that. Client: Paysafe Campaign: “Come this, code me that” Agency: United Partners Short Description […]