1. Комуникации към крайни потребители / Consumer communications

  • All Channels Communication Group
    CATFLUENCER.BG – the first academy for cat influencers on Instagram In 2019 Nestle Bulgaria introduced PURINA ONE – premium cat … Read more
  • All Channels Communication Group
    Cohones Black to the Bones Imperial Stout (Pre-)Sale Campaign Being one of the youngest craft breweries in Bulgaria Cohones primary … Read more
  • All Channels Communication Group
    Jameson St. Patrick’s Day March is one of the most important months of the year for Jameson. Not only because … Read more
  • All Channels Communication Group
    Philips OneBlade Gaming Challenge DO YOU KNOW WHAT ONEBLADE IS? In a word (or two), it is a revolutionary product … Read more
  • APRA Porter Novelli BCG
    A window to childhood A window to childhood is a long-term project of APRA PN and River Park – next … Read more
  • BBDO Group / Proximity Sofia
    EVA Postbank mobile app EVA is a “living” solution that evolves and transforms to fit the changing needs of customers, … Read more
  • BBDO Group / Proximity Sofia
    “We are all connected” “We are all connected” went live in May 2020, immediately after the end of the first … Read more
  • distinkt
    Start 5G Bulgaria 5G is а controversial topic as many people see it as cause for cancer and is the … Read more
  • HubAhead
    Spirit Transformations – COOL libraries Spirit Fine Paints is a young premium brand interior paints inspiring interior transformation beyond the … Read more
  • Interimage
    #OfficeNostalgia: keeping high spirits for employees in a period of lockdown During the unprecedented 2020 impacted by Covid-19, real estate … Read more
    Activia Summer Club – The Mission to Feel Good Inside and Out Imagine a virtual club, where there are a … Read more
  • MSL, Publicis Groupe Bulgaria
    #PlusLuckheAtHome PR campaign during the pandemic for the end consumer In 2020, people wanted empathy. People wanted their brands to … Read more
  • OT DO Consult
    Chain of Favorite Products The “Chain of Favorite Products” campaign was realized during the period March – November 2019. It … Read more
  • proof.
    #wakeupafter6pm To put it mildly, this summer the stability in Bulgaria was shaken — political turmoil coinciding with a global … Read more
  • proof.
    made from the fruits of diplomacy In April 2020, during an ongoing COVID-19 crisis Bulgaria had a deal with UAE … Read more
  • SiteMedia
    Lidl Lidl is a leading company in the retail business in Europe and in the world, part of the German … Read more
  • United Partners
    „ALWAYS AT HOME” Short description During COVID-19 lockdown, social distancing & staying at home brought along many unspoken challenges for … Read more
  • United Partners
    Nespresso COMMITMENT campaign In the fall of 2020 United Partners organized a Commitment Campaign for Nespresso to bring the brand … Read more